Danny Thao of Green Bay is working to open Bambu, a Vietnamese drink shop, by Mother's Day.

A new franchise that promises “a family drink like no other” is headed to Green Bay, and its owner couldn’t be more excited. Danny Thao of Green Bay left a job he loved to pursue the dream of business ownership.

“About seven or eight years ago, I was visiting my sister in Philadelphia and she introduced me to Bambu, a Vietnamese drink shop,” Thao said. “When I first looked at the menu, I was fascinated by the ingredients, and when I tasted some of the drinks, I thought they were fantastic.”

The experience stayed with him, and as he worked as a business operations manager and analyst, he continued to plan for a future day when he would leave the corporate world.

“Fast forward to present times,” Thao said. “I was in the process of wanting to start my own business and my fiancé, Nadine, reminded me of this franchise. I give her all the credit for pointing me in this direction.”


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